The JD Edwards Band is sometimes a five-piece electric folk-rock experience and other times it is a laid back acoustic group that is quickly becoming a staple in the Canadian music scene. Through incessant gigging and innovative groovy song-writing, JD Edwards is breaking through the barriers of mediocrity and giving Canadian listeners something to dance about. The band’s sound is a synthesis of Blind Melon’s funk and The Black Crowes’ blues, while JD sings with the stoned sexiness of Dave Matthews and the wild outbursts of Ben Harper. They manage to musically acknowledge their influences without compromising their ingenuity or principle; JD Edwards and his bands will take you on a new adventure in a familiar place every time.

Growing up in the suburbs of Oshawa, Ontario through the ’80’s and ’90’s was hard enough, let alone to make a music career there. But JD began to write and perform his own material and later moved to Kingston, where he studied music and eventually left for Toronto in 2000. In 2005, JD was asked to come to Winnipeg and stumbled on to the Winnipeg music scene and the great venues in which to play. Here he met Mike Ormonde, who then introduced JD to the rest of his band: Jesse Ives on Bass, John Kirouac on Saxophone, Flute & Percussion, and Troy Strattner on drums.

Now, with more songs than you can shake a drum stick at, The JD Edwards Band have been unleashing their energetic original repertoire across Winnipeg joints, and and the rest of Canada. Already, in the infancy of the group, they have played with some of Winnipeg’s finest, including The New Meanies, JP Hoe, The NODS, Jessee Havey & the Quirks, Ian LaRue and Patrick Keenan, and have made several appearances on 101.5 UMFM and 92.9 KickFM, CityTV breakfast Television and SHAW TV.

The JD Edwards Band has released their first self-titled full-length album with Producer and Engineer Mike Wagner at the helm. The album has a delicious spectrum of quality songs, consisting of the personal matters of spirituality, “Wash Over Me” and “Far From The Edge” to the uplifting themes of having fun with the ones you love, “Remember Who You Are” and “Lover Lover”.

JD Edwards is a singer/songwriter with a voice that carries and fills rooms with passion and emotion in every syllable he sings.The summer of 2008 will see JD Edwards releasing “JD Edwards Live at The Gas Station Theater 02.20.08″, a solo live acoustic album produced by Dan Donahue and Denis Buchan. He has sung for such great causes like the Hand in Hand for Peace Festival, The Agape Table for Kids Program, and the Kwagala Foundation. JD has been working with the Winnipeg Contemporary Dancers, The Young Lungs Program in Winnipeg, and heading up song writing workshops a the Red Road Lodge.