The JD Edwards Band
A little bit about the band...

The JD Edwards Band is a 6 piece Winnipeg based group with a fascinating history and a brand new story to tell. The JDEB is anything, but a genre driven act. Headed up by JD Edwards himself, the six-piece group seamlessly ranges from an electric folk-rock sound, a groovy soul vibe and a laid back acoustic experience that even the pickiest music fan can enjoy.

"I am SO lucky to know this man... he's one for the book - a great talent, a lovely guy, and he has a killer band. If he's not booked for your club, coffeehouse, concert series or festival, just GET ON IT!!!! - Richard Flohil"

Starting out in Oshawa, Ontario making his way to Kingston then Toronto, and finally a brotherly visit in Winnipeg. Drawn in by the vibrant music scene and the cheap rent, JD decided to make Winnipeg his permanent stay. Shortly after his decision to take up residency, JD met Mike Ormonde & Matt Robins at a bowling alley on lane 27 one night in late October 2005. With roots in the Winnipeg music scene, the fellas introduced JD to many other musicians and later to the current band line-up with Jesse Ives, Jake Bell, Alex Campbell, Mike Ormonde and Matt Robins. With a diverse melting pot of musicians, Winnipeg proved to be the perfect homestead to form the signature JD Edwards Band sound.

"JD Edwards marching to the beat of a different band"
- Rob Williams, The Winnipeg Free Press

Not only capturing attention on their albums, but The JD Edwards Band’s live show is in a whole other electrifying category on its’ own. Delivered with a contagious optimism and energy, each performance JD is able to draw in audiences with a real sense of musical purity. Offering a full pallet of textures and sounds the JD Edwards Band always manages to musically acknowledge their influences without compromising their integrity or principle. As a full group the band delivers time and time again with the subtlety and power required to capture their original and highly appealing signature sound. Now with a self titled first release, a live acoustic record and the proud release of their third disc (Roads & Roads 2011) the JD Edwards Band is geared to hit the road to spread their own brand of infectious Canadian music and bringing joy to all.

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