1. 1 This House Will Stand 04:21
  2. 2 C$0.99 Roads & Roads 04:38
  3. 3 C$0.99 This House Will Stand 04:25
  4. 4 C$0.99 Going Down to Mexico 03:54
  5. 5 C$0.99 What's in a Name 04:50
  6. 6 C$0.99 Slow Down Mississippi River 05:37
  7. 7 C$0.99 I Can Swim 05:28
  8. 8 C$0.99 Singing All the Way Home 04:33
  9. 9 Go On Home 04:43
  10. 10 Big City Dreams 04:48
  11. 11 Morning Sparrow 04:01
  12. 12 Rose 03:56
  13. 13 Waiting On You 04:49
  14. 14 Lover Lover 03:34
  15. 15 Wash Over Me 03:53

JD Edwards & Faye Blais

House Concert, Collingwood, ON




JD Edwards & Faye Blais

The Station Gallery, 5 Wadsworth St. , Brantford, Ontario


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JD Edwards & Faye Blais

Piebird Inn, 113 Chapman's Landing Road, Nipissing, Ontario


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JD Edwards & Faye Blais

Irene's Pub, 885 Bank St., Ottawa, Ontario




JD Edwards & Faye Blais

Gilmour St. Music Hall, 590 Gilmour St., Peterbrough, Ontario



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Newest Video

JDEB tearing it up at Festival du Voyageur 2014 in Winnipeg, Manitoba

JDEB @ The Times Change(d) High and Lonesome Club 2014 Photo: Joey Senft

JDEB @ The DAKTOA Tavern 2013

JDEB @ The Winnipeg Folk Festival Main Stage Tweener 2013

JDEB @ The Harvest Sun Folk Festival Fall Concert/Fundraiser 2013


Album Info 

Hey Folks, Just wanted to let you know that we are still working hard on new material for our next record. The boys have been inspired these past few months and are pumping out all kinds of new sounds. It's gonna be such a great thing. So, please keep your ears to the ground and stay tuned to for the release dates, teasers tacks and more. 
We are really looking forward to the summer festivals. We are going to be  travelling East and West this summer. A first for the band to play four provinces in one summer. Maybe not a big deal to anyone else, but the band is stoked and going to be bringing the fun all the way from Winnipeg. Look for us at Mariposa, Come by the Hills Festival, Harvest Sun, And Trout Forest with all sorts of shows in between. 

JDEB @ Festival du Voyageur 

Hey Folks,
We are so excited to be apart of the up coming Festival du Voyageur in St. Bonifice, Winnipeg, Manitoba this February. This will be the third time JDEB has been invited to perform and the boys are very honoured and proud to be taking part in the festival. You can catch JDEB multiple time during the two of festivities at these stages and times.
MTS Riviere-Rouge Tent (Park)  Saturday, FEB 15 8:30pm -9:45pm
LE Garage                                         Thursday, FEB 20 9:00pm - 1:00am
MTS Riviere-Rouge Tent (Park)  Saturday, FEB 22 8:30pm-9:45pm 

Procter Brothers interview 

Hey folks, 

I want to share this great interview by the men who created the video for "Going Down to Mexico". It's a great article and a great read. Hope you enjoy it.

Crowdfunding for a New JDEB Record COMING SOON 

HEY Folks, 

As you may have guessed it The JD Edwards Band is starting to record a new record. We got loads of new tunes that we are pretty excited to share with you. But since in this day and age money is hard to come by we are reaching out to our friends, family, and fans to get involved with this project. We wil be starting a new Indiegogo campaign where you will be able to donate money towards the new funding of the new record. In return we want to not only give you a copy of the newest record but also a few more perks. We have all of our discography that we will be giving away with donations plus, shirts posters and other things that are priceless. Like for the top donation the band will come over and clean your place plus cook you diner. These are just a few of the things that we are willing to do to make this record happen. We want to share our music with you so you can dance the night away to The JD Edwards Band. We hope you come along for the ride, cause this is going to be one heck of a year.
Stay tuned for more information about the new record and how you can be apart of it. We will be sending out information through our mailing list, so if you haven't already joined up now is our chance. 
Thanks for the many years of support and love. We can't wait to bring this new record to your doorsteps. 
Thanks for your time, safe travels, stay warm and hapy trails.
From all the boys in the band and thw whole team, thank you and much love.

JDEB Press 

Hey Folks this is a nice piece about our performace a few weeks back in Cornwall, Ontario. You might want to give it a quick read. 
"If you weren’t at the JD Edwards show at Lola’s at the end of November, then you missed something magical...."

JDEB has a new video! 

The JD Edwards Band and the Procter Brothers Indus. from Winnipeg are releasing a new video today on vimeo. The song is called "Going Down to Mexico" and feature the Procter Bros. famous animation stylings. The JD Edwards Band was approached by the Procter Brothers to create a new video for the band and wait until you see what the Procter Bros came up with.
The Brothers had an idea for the JDEB song where the band would escape the harsh winter in Winnipeg and go to Mexico to get lost and wait out the ice and snow storms of the north.  Find it today on Vimeo here

Fall tour and shows 

Hey folks, 
JDEB had such a great summer playing festivals across Manitoba and Ontario, making new friends and fans everywhere. However, the summer is passing us by and the leaves are starting to change colour and fall. JDEB has a double show weekend at the Times Change(D) this month in Winnipeg and a Value Village Barn Party in Starbuck, MB. We just came off a great weekend at the Harvest Moon Festival in Clearwater, MB where JD brought out his trombone for old time sake and rocked the whole 1500 person/sold out crowd til the sun came up! 
In October, JDEB is heading towards Saskachewan to play two dates in Regina and Saskatoon. JDEB has never played Vangelis Tavern and is looking forward to bringing some Manitoba spice to the Broadway Street Rock and Roll scene.
Dates in November are coming together for JDEB. The boys are heading back to Toronto to play the Dakota after headlining a Friday Night Music Series at Yonge and Dundas Square this summer.
In other news, JDEB is writing a new record and looking to release it spring 2014. Keep your ears to the ground for the new songs trickling out at JDEB shows near you. 
Of course you can always find all old hits on JDEB's 2011 release Roads and Roads. You can find in in the merch section of the site. 

June, July, August 

 Hello good people, 

The JD Edwards Band is getting reved up for an aweomse Spring and Summer with shows and festivals across Manitoba and Ontario. JDEB will be performing at Dauphin Countryfest, Winnipeg Folk Festival, Fire and Water Music and Arts Festival, Live from the Rock Festival and Summerfolk. JDEB haa also been invited to perform at the Young and Dundas Square Concert Series in Toronto August 16th.

The band is working towards releasing a new music video for the song, "Going Down to Mexico" off their latest release, Roads & Roads. JDEB has teamed up with the Winnipeg based company Procter Bros. Industies to make this video and is overly excited about it's release. The plan is to release the video in tandom with a US release of Roads and Roads later this year. 

Stay tuned for more great news and What's Going Down! in the world of JDEB. Thanks for time and please visit our facebook page and LIKE us. We thank you for your support so far and look ahead into the future for more great things happening with The JD Edwards Band.